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Juneau Empire: Designer from Juneau to show new collection in New York City

Zahedi said in a phone interview. “I completely fell in love with the Pre-Impressionist art movement. I just loved the idea of that. I think that it’s related to our memory. How some things in our memory are so clear and solid, but some things are overlapping and blurry.”

Screen Shot 2019-09-15 at 4.47.40 PM.png

KTVA: Fashion show benefiting Alaska tourism features statewide designers


Juneau Empire: Designer from Juneau will show her work during New York Fashion Week

“I’m really inspired by vintage sewing from the ’50s and ’60s,” Zahedi said from Orange County, California, in a phone interview. “I think a lot of that came from growing up in Juneau. Our families all had to sew a lot of their clothes and work with what was available to them. Just kind of inspired by the ethos of repairing your clothing and using high-quality methods to construct the garments.”

Avari Magazine: ON THE RUNWAY: ALLEY 33 2017

"This whimsical, romantic woman's fashion line was a show stopper. The entire line was soft, opalescent hues, whites, soft golds, and to die for sheer fabrics. The detail to each and every piece was incredible. Designer Shea Wilcox has a cohesive brand that is stunning from head to toe. Each model that walked down the runway was equipped with a show stopping original design, matching shoes and the most delicate and adorable gloves that seem to be a signature of the Opal Heart branding. The designs were breathtaking."


Fizzy Mag: How To Wear This Season's Monochromatic Trend Feat. Opal Heart Clothing

"Pioneering the white, monochromatic look is a fresh label on the scene, Opal Heart Clothing. With ladylike looks and an unwavering commitment to slow fashion principles and the environment, Opal Heart successfully experiments with materials, proportions and textures to create an absolutely stunning collection without compromising the quality of the clothing or the living and working conditions of the people making it. "


Portland Interview Magazine: A Resonance of Roots

"Shea Wilcox encountered the slow fashion movement. Disenchanted by current fashion trends, which are often associated with unsustainable goods and practices, Wilcox became an advocate for slow fashion, which encourages realistic production schedules, fair wages, and environmental accountability."


Laptops and Smalltalk: Balancing Act: An Interview with Shea Wilcox

Portland is known for unapologetically creating its own rules and marching to the beat of its own drum.  Shea Wilcox is no exception.  Known for her romantic and whimsy aesthetic, Wilcox is an up-and-coming womenswear designer who impressively created a fashion label and participated in multiple fashion shows all while still in school. 





The Weekly Portland Podcast: Fashion Designer Shea Wilcox

Gregory Day & Dan Rosen speak with fashion designer Shea Wilcox


The Portland Mercury: What You May Have Missed at the Alley 33 Fashion Event

Opal Heart focused on resort vibes that felt elevated and chic. The color palette was certainly true to the name, but also leaned on pops of gold and well-placed iridescence. 



Juneau Empire: From Fine Arts Camp to Fashion Week

"She also stands out in her commitment to craftsmanship. She sought out a program that focused heavily on construction and tailoring, and doesn’t mind spending hours hand-sewing. One floral frock she drew from the closet was stitched entirely by hand during a train journey to California to see her father."

The Portland Mercury: FULL RECAP: FashioNXT 2016

"Shea Wilxox: chic and refined with continuity of color story and silhouette. Had sort of a country club refinement about it with overlays that were imaginative and unique. The gloves were a super fun element as well."


Portland Monthly: Portland Fashion’s Newest Emerging Designer Is....

"Wilcox’s chic color palette of gold and white fit the sophisticated look she was going for. The details of gold piping and sweet darts on dresses alongside white power suit combinations were bold and modern. "


The Oregonian: Portland's Fashion Week Showcases Amazing Talent

"Shea Wilcox brought an ethereal, romantic and whimsical collection using shimmering pearlized fabrics paired with white, silver, and a soft pale robin's egg blue. The collection was truly stunning."

Willamette Week: Shea Wilcox at FashioNXT



The B-List Blog: My Fave Designer From FashioNXT Day 2

"I thought these design were super cute! They were flirty and feminine, and I definitely would have worn the first one below, it’s like a chic little tennis outfit!